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What Could Be Growing Inside Your Home

According to the CDC, mold can cause some serious health effects, such as nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, lung infections, chronic lung illnesses, asthma, cough, headache, and other symptoms that will differ among an individual. Mold is also referred to as fungi and can come in many different types and colors, such as black, brown, yellow, pink, green, fuzzy and smelly. Mold can grow and live in both outdoor areas as well as indoor areas. Mold is extremely bad for humans and can cause some serious side effects, if not properly treated. Mold can also spread fast and can also grow fast in very humid environments. Many times, homeowners have no idea that they have mold growing under their homes. Due to common water heater leaks or leaks from pipes in the crawl spaces of your home, mold can possibly be actively living there and spreading throughout the area, multiplying in numbers. If you suspect that you may have mold in your crawl space, you may want to consider getting a crawl space encapsulation that is waterproof.

According to HGTV.com, there are molds that are extremely toxic to humans, called black mold or stachybotrys chartarum, which feeds on materials on dry walls, carpet, insulation and or sub-flooring, anything that is pretty much containing moisture of some kind. If these mold spores are inhaled, humans can experience some dangerous and even life-threatening health effects over time. Some of the symptoms of black mold can cause: chronic coughing, irritation in eyes, chronic fatigue, persistent headaches, rashes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat. It is very important to be more aware of your symptoms if you are experiencing any, and if you do notice a change in your health or a change in any of your family members health, you want to seek medical attention right away. Also, make sure to conduct regular mold inspections around your home to detect the possibility of mold growth.

Many people don’t even know that they have mold inside their homes. Sometimes mold grows in areas that you don’t usually have access to like your crawl space. In the crawl space, all of the piping and or water heater pipes can be found, and that area is usually where many water leaks are discovered. Many mold issues happen to occur around these areas quite often. It may be wise to consider getting your crawl space encapsulated with waterproof material to prevent toxic mold from growing. What many homeowners don’t realize is that almost half of the air you breathe inside your home comes from your crawl space, meaning you are breathing in toxic mold on a regular basis, if you have mold growing there. If you need help with a professional inspection of mold and how you can prevent mold, try conducting an online search for: crawl space encapsulation Issaquah WA.

Overall, dealing with mold can be very frustrating and can be very scary. You may have had mold for many years and had no idea until you decided to perform an inspection. Getting your crawl space encapsulation may be the best thing you can do for your home as well as your health.