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Why Blue Pit Bulls Make the Best Dog Breed The puppies of the breed of dogs known as Pit bulls are highly sought after. These puppies are very energetic. They make good pets because of their loyalty and desire to please their owners. Aside from that, they are also very friendly. Most importantly, their protective nature is one of their most remarkable characteristics. There are different types of pitbull puppies. They could be red or blue nosed pitbull puppies or Staffordshire, or even blue pitbull and other types of puppies. However, blue pitbull puppies are the most favorite. Pitbull lovers find these type as the most delightful. With the tips mentioned in this article you should be able to easily identify blue pitbull puppies. First of all, their color makes it very obvious so it is the very first feature to look at. These puppies have a hint of blue when you look at their dark coat, which is why the breed is name so. This shade makes their coat appear steel grey. Thought they appear bluish gray in general, their coat may have white or black patches. These puppies have bright blue eyes and blue noses. This color is already prominent at birth. With that, do not believe a breeder who sells you a pitbull puppy with a different color saying that the color will come out when the puppy is older.
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The next thing to look at is the build of these pitbull puppies. They usually appear stocky but they should not be overweight. These puppies are strong, active and fast. These puppies pack on muscles as they grow older with the right diet and exercise. Lastly, observe the disposition or behavior of these puppies. Unfortunately, they bear the stigma of being dangerous and untamable. Their ill reputation comes from the fact that they are dogs breed for fighting. In reality, these puppies are very friendly. With the right training and exposure, they enjoy the company of other people. Because they are always eager to please, they are highly trainable. There is likely something wrong with how the puppy was raised or the environment the puppy is exposed to if the puppy is aggressive. It is true that there have been reports of pitbulls harming children but know that those dogs have been raised with cruelty. This means that the fault is with the breeder and the owner, not the dog. To summarize, you will find blue pitbull puppies to be the most adorable breed of dogs. If you treat them with affection and respect they will give you back the same thing and even more. So, blue pitbull puppies are the right pets for you. Go to this link to know more about blue pitbull puppies.