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Making Use of the Storage Facility in Everett WA

Many people in the area don’t even realize there is an affordable storage facility right in town, let alone realize all the uses of this establishment. These storage units are not just being used to house your belongings while you move, there are countless other benefits we will discuss today.

These are just a few of the many reasons to make use of the storage Everett WA facility.

Creating a Clutter Free House

Perhaps you are about to put your home on the market, but your realtor keeps telling you that the house needs to be clutter-free first. Now you could simply rent a storage unit and move all that stuff to the facility for safe keeping. Instead of parking your car in the driveway while all your stuff is piled in the garage, you could empty out the area, clear out your closets, and reduce the clutter from the kitchen, by getting it all to storage.

Now when a potential buyer walks in your house, it appears bigger because all your belongings are safe at the storage unit. This could benefit you financially because you may get a higher selling price and in less time too.

Safely Storing Your Boat or RV

There are many residential neighborhoods in the area that are deed-restricted or have associations that frown upon keeping a boat or RV in your driveway. The cost to keep your boat at the marina could be a small fortune, however keeping it at the storage facility will cost you far less. The local storage facility has plenty of exterior property to safely store any size boat or recreational vehicle. With around-the-clock access to the gate, you can simply come and go as you please when you need to access these vehicles.

The storage facility is not only gated, they have a surveillance system in place to monitor all the activity on their lot. Your possessions are safe under the watchful eye of the cameras, and larger units are available to ensure there is plenty of room to easily accommodate your vehicles.

Searching for the Right Home

Perhaps you are new to the area and really want to take your time finding the perfect home. Instead of leaving your belongings in a moving truck at a huge expense, drive the items to the storage facility and keep everything safely under lock and key until you find your home. There are several climate-control units available that maintain a steady temperature so none of your possessions develop mold or melt from the heat.

Everything from candles, albums, furniture, to your precious keepsakes, will be protected inside the units until you are ready to move them in your new home. Short-term rentals are available in case you find a house quickly.

Now you see all the reasons you should make use of the local storage facility. This is a cost-effective way to get your home in order and to secure your items without concern.