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Outwitting Squirrels Squirrels elucidate feelings of love or hate in most people. Despite their acrobatic antics and feistiness, squirrels can destroy fruits, berries, leaves, flowers, and tree buds. Many people struggle to keep squirrels away from scaring their favorites birds or accessing bird feed. Aggressive squirrels are known to cause tremendous damage to property and noise pollution especially when mating. Being natural gnawers squirrels have ever growing incisors that require constant chewing for trimming, maintenance, and sharpening. As such, they have enormous appetites, are cunning and shrewd in evading any control measures. With the ability to leap over 10 feet high and across, mechanical traps are typically ineffective as preventive measures. A squirrel’s excellent balance allows it to circumvent any traps easily. An ability to dig hiding places and swim across water obstacles extremely affects your ability to protect bird feeders. Often, instituting controls against squirrels is a critical challenge to many people. What can you do to distract squirrels away from bird feeders? Use these methods to help you cope with aggressive squirrels. Your first option would be utilizing a combination of techniques to control their activity. Second, you can opt to construct a wooden squirrel feeder or a picnic table squirrel feeder. Finally, if squirrels prove aggressive, you could hire the local squirrel control agency to eradicate the menace or offer advice. You can contact pest control professionals through your local directory or by searching online.
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Avail yourself of the following suggestions if you have chosen to go by the first method. Hang you squirrel proof bird feeders 10 feet high and away from any trees or branches. Assess the effectiveness of squirrel proof feeders as some are unreliable. Brand manufacturers often attach lifetime guarantees that void the effectiveness of their brand to deter squirrels.
Gardening – My Most Valuable Advice
Also, installing cylindrical mesh guards over tube feeders can significantly deter squirrels. Different types of mesh guards are available in the market to satisfy your particular requirements. A weight activated squirrel proof feeder is the most effective as it closes feeding ports once a squirrel lands on it. A revolving motorized system on weight activated feeders denies squirrels the chance to consume bird food. Repetitive failure in accessing bird feed results in squirrels abandoning all future attempts. Additionally, you can use squirrel domes or baffles to restrict access to hanging bird feeders. Grease feeder poles and use squirrel slinkies to prevent squirrels from climbing poles to access bird feed. Try to ground feed your birds as a deterrence measure. Quit hanging bird feeders on poles. Rather, you should cover your feeding trays with feeding guardians. As squirrels are very cunning, select feed guardians that have the smallest meshes for maximum deterrence.